The Hi2025 Team

The team in the Project-Office in Bernwardstraße 32


Thomas Harling

… manages the project office and is responsible for soccer metaphors


Mareike Knobloch

responsible for public relations, project management, event management and the musical accompaniment of our work


Elisabeth Böhnlein

… takes care of project development, the overview and vitamin supply for our team


Wiebke Wrede-Olberg

… mainly busy with event planning, sponsoring and office organisation – always fully involved


Lars Hadeler

… absolved his voluntary social service in the project office last year – among other things specialist for homepage administration and espresso preparation.

Last mission: showing the subsequent voluntary Koko where to find the cutlery.

Other team members who do not work directly in the project office (current and former)

Lene Wagner

Head of the cultural adminstration of the City of Hildesheim and co-director of the bid

Ulf Behnel

Head of the Financial Department of the City of Hildesheim

Else Christensen-Redzepovic

international consultant, supports the team in all questions concerning the bid

Folke Witten-Niederade

supports the team in the development of the cultural and artistic programme

Birgit Krauß

Head of the cultural adminstration of the District of Hildesheim and responsible for communication with the district municipalities

Sabine Zimmermann

inspires and represents the application as an artist and managing director of the Network for Culture
and Local Traditions of the Hildesheim Region

Lisa Modrakowski

fresh from Luxembourg back in Hildesheim and on the road for the project office on an international level

Charlotte Rauth und Max Reiniger​

support the team with research and text work as student assistants of the University of Hildesheim


Caroline Drechsel

designs our print and online media as well as other gimmicks


Our dedicated supporters

Steering​ Committee Hi2025

The Steering Comittee is responsible for shaping the bid for European Capital of Culture. It decides on the organisation and operation of the project office, the use of financial resources, the preparation of the bidbook and the basic content of the citizen participation campaigns.


Dr. Ingo Meyer, Oberbürgermeister
Olaf Levonen, Landrat
Wolfgang Moegerle, Vertreter der BürgermeisterInnen

Thomas Scharf-Wrede
Henning Deneke-Jöhrens
Fabienne Gohres
Kai Greten
Gerd Günter
Marc Hudy
Mirko Weiß
Birgit Krauß
Konrad Krüger
Hartwig Kemmerer
Anke Hoefer
Daniel Gad



Bernd Beushausen
Mirko Peisert
Sabine Zimmermann
Rosa Wagner-Kröger
Wolfgang Voges
Jürgen Twardzik
Philipp Thalmann
Berndt Seiler
Martin Schreiner
Lene Wagner
Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl
Heike Brennecke

Circle of Friends 2025 of the Cultural Region Hildesheim e.V.

The Circle of Friends 2025 supports the project office in its work, including the acquisition of sponsors and the planning and organisation of various projects and events.

Peter Block

Aline Faass
Hartwig Kemmerer
Konrad Krüger
Hartmut Reichardt

Jürgen Böhnke

Thomas F.W. Schodder

Committee members:
Helmut Aßmann

Rolf Behme
Daniel Gad
Anne-Katrin Gendolla
Konstantin Gerbrich
Kirsten Greten
Dr. Claudia Höhl
Pia-Maria Holstein
René Hußnätter
Matthias Jung
Anna-Lena Lorenz
Justus Lüder
Eva Lutze-Sippach
Dr. Henrik Oehlmann
Dr. Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl
Mustafa Sancar